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Ngoma: Approaches to Arts Education in Southern Africa

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Ngoma: Approaches to Arts Education in Southern Africa. Ed. Robert Mshengu Kavanagh (Consultant ed. Stephen Joel Chifunyise). Chipawo/Zimbabwe Academy of Arts Education for Development, Harare, 2006, pp. 216. ISBN 87 7865 600 1, np.

Based on material presented at a UNESCO funded international seminar on Arts education in Harare in 2002, with contributions gathered from other related seminars and conferences, this is a wide-reaching and stimulating commentary on arts education initiatives in Africa. Major case studies from Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe are complemented by discussions of specific projects and initiatives from other parts of the continent, and key issues relating to the development of arts education in Africa are identified. We hope to carry a full review of this important book in a later issue of the Bulletin.

Reviewed by: Martin Banham

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