African Voices Activity Days

Our African Voices activity days aim to challenge stereotypical perceptions of Africa, explore the diversity of the continent and develop an understanding of contemporary issues. An appropriate selection of activities will be used to meet your requirements.


African Visitor
Introductory games to enable your pupils to get to know their African visitor and for the postgraduate to get to know your pupils

Perceptions of Africa
A self correcting true false quiz which challenges stereotypical perceptions of Africa and presents an alternative perspective

Diverse Africa
A classification activity based on landscape, language, history and natural resources to explore the diversity of the 54 independent countries in Africa

My Friends from Africa
A station activity in which pupils find out about theĀ lives of several African postgraduates from across the continent

Country Profile
An in depth look at the postgraduateā€™s own country, from their perspective, focusing on life in both urban and rural areas

African Trader
Fair trade role play activities about cocoa, cotton or oil in which the pupils explore the proportion of the selling price they think they should receive

African Culture
All our postgraduates have stories, songs, music and games from their own culture to share with your pupils

To find out more about the LUCAS Schools Project and what to expect from an African Voices activity day at your school, please have a look at this short presentation:

African Voices Activity Days 201920