Leeds Premiere of Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend – film screening and live music

Location: Conference Auditorium 2

LUCAS are delighted to announce the Leeds premiere of the documentary “Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend” on Wednesday 5th February at 4:30pm. The film charts the rise of Bob Marley and The Wailers to international stardom, and is made from footage shot in the early 1970s and lost for 30 years.

Lioness Fonts (http://lionessfonts.com/) and Tim Hain (http://www.timhain.com/) will be giving a live rendition of some of the music, and there will be a discussion about the film.

NAACP IMAGE AWARD winner Esther Anderson takes us on a journey to Jamaica and into 56 HOPE ROAD, Kingston, to see and hear the young BOB MARLEY before he was famous. The film shows us the WAILERS’ first rehearsal, when the idea of a Jamaican supergroup like the BEATLES or the STONES was still just a dream. We sit in on the launch of their international career with “GET UP STAND UP”, “I SHOT THE SHERIFF”, and the “BURNIN'” and “CATCH A FIRE” albums that brought to the world REGGAE music and RASTA consciousness together as one, starting a revolution that would change rock music and contemporary culture.
– Written by Esther Anderson