Call for Book Reviewers for the Leeds African Studies Bulletin

You may have noticed that our journal, the Leeds African Studies Bulletin has recently moved to a digital, online format, helping us to quickly publish scholarly articles, book reviews and opinion pieces that are easily accessible and free to access.

We will publish under 5 categories: Studying Africa, Analysing Africa, Imagining Africa, Reading Africa and Remembering Africa.

Reading Africa will be dedicated to reviews or discussions of major publications, both scholarly and literary, that are relevant to African studies. LUCAS is seeking book reviewers to write for our website. We have a list of books that are currently available to review. These books are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. If you would like to request a book to review, please send a list of up to 3 books that you would be willing to review, along with some information about your work. The books are yours to keep after completing your review.

Books available to review:

Leeds African Studies Bulletin – Books for Review

Submissions can have varying word counts, from 800-1000 words (for book reviews and short commentary pieces) to 3000-4,000 words for articles and essays. Please send your submission as a Word file to

You can view the Bulletin by clicking here. If you would like to propose an article for any of our 5 categories, or have already written something that you would like to share with us, please send your work to For a full list of books available please see the attached list of books – more information is available within the newsletter.