Rebel with a camera – the cinema of Ousmane Sembène

Ousmane Sembène, otherwise known as the father of African cinema, is one of the key figures of world cinema, and yet his works, still relevant today, remain unknown to many. Through this programme we will explore his work through the new and highly acclaimed documentary SEMBENE!, capturing the life of this prolific filmmaker. This will be screened alongside three of Sembène’s films explored in the documentary: Xala, Moolaadé and Black Girl, each of which was in itself a key and groundbreaking work of world cinema.

The programme is coordinated by Aya Distribution in partnership with Africa in Motion with the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery.

Screenings include:

[DOUBLE BILL Sembène! + Black Girl]
Showing Sun 09 Oct | 2.30pm

Black Girl (La Noire de…)
Ousmane Sembene | Senegal/France 1966 | | 60 minutes

Samba Gadjigo & Jason Silverman Senegal/USA 2015 Digital 89 minutes
The screening will be followed by Q&A with director Samba Gadjigo, Sembène’s biographer.

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Showing Tue 18 Oct | 5.40pm
Ousmane Sembène Senegal/France/Burkina Faso/Cameroon/Morocco/Tunisia 2004 | 35mm | 125 minutes

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