As an increasing number of universities close or restrict campus access in response to the spread of Covid-19, it is more important than ever that research resources are easily accessible online.  We’ve put together a list of freely downloadable or Open Access research resources that may be useful to scholars focusing on Africa in any discipline. Our list includes links to journals, publishers who have made books available, resource repositories, digital archives and academic websites. We hope these resources are helpful to you. If you know of more resources that we should feature, please send any information and weblinks to and we will endeavour to update our list as quickly as we are able to.


Additional Resources for Researchers in the Global South


Resources for Children

  • African Storybook Online: ASO provides free access to children’s story books in African languages (190 languages included). Stories are editable and translatable. 
  • Authorfy: free children’s resources to use at home including book extracts, writing challenges and curriculum linked resources.
  • World Book Online: Those of you working from home with children might be pleased to know that World Book Online have made their ebooks and audiobooks for children available for free. There are books in a range of topics such as science, history, crafts, animals, but there are also more specialist topics like world literature and technology. Some of of the history books look at Wangari Muta Maathai and Frederick Douglass. in world classics there is a book with 25 South African Tale. Cultures of the World has books about a number of African countries, cities and cultures. Books available here: