African Voices in Primary Schools

What do your pupils think of Africa?

Most young people have distorted and stereotypical perceptions of Africa and its peoples which are reinforced by charity campaigns that utilise ‘negative’ imagery to generate compassion and donations and ‘bad’ news stories of events in Africa.

‘When you see Red Nose Day you see loads of pictures of people starving’ (Year 6 pupil)
‘I thought it was like what you see on the news – straw huts and fighting’ (Year 6 pupil)
‘I thought all people were poor and they didn’t have any technology’ (Year 5 pupil)

But what is Africa really like?

A visit from one of our African postgraduates can have a significant impact on changing these distorted perceptions. They are ambassadors for Africa, their country and their culture. They offer your pupils a first-hand perspective on the diversity of the continent and present a more positive and balanced view of Africa and its peoples.

LUCAS African Voices Activity Days

To prepare our African postgraduates to deliver African Voices activity days in Leeds schools, LUCAS provides them with a course of training about the UK school system, active learning methodology, teaching strategies, classroom management and lesson planning.

LUCAS Primary CPD Workshops

From Charity to Social Justice: Challenging misconceptions and exploring diversity

A two hour twilight / training day workshop, for Key Stage 2 primary teachers, aimed at promoting a balanced perspective of other people and place based on social justice rather than charity and using active learning approaches and the local community as a classroom resource.