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Book Reviews

Africa Studies Bulletin 79 (Winter 2017/18)

Our Bulletin this year reflects our commitment to publishing authors based on the continent, to highlighting the achievements of Leeds’ graduate students, and to reflecting our city’s complex and evolving relationship with Africa. Emmanuel Adeniyi’s article employs linguistic analysis of Yoruba poetry to draw out new meaning from writings about identity crisis, the transatlantic slave trade and diaspora. Lauren Devine, winner of the Lionel Cliffe prize, critiques occidental consumerist paternalism in her article’s analysis of sensationalist accounts of African child-soldiers. Marika Sherwood, in her article on the All Colonial Peoples Conferences of 1945 reminds us of the vital role played by advocates of pan-African unity in challenging assumptions of imperial reconstruction after the Second World War. Max Farrar, Emily Zobel Marshall and Guy Farrar draw together the local and global heritage which has shaped the Leeds Carnival, and emphasise its enduring radical, socially-engaged character.


Africa Studies Bulletin 78 (Winter 2016/17)

In this issue we have a report on a YASN workshop on Gender and Sexuality in January 2016. One of the papers from that workshop by Manel Zouabi appears in this Bulletin. Another article, by Emma Rice, on the Calabash and gendered identity won the 2015-2016 Lionel Cliffe dissertation prize. Two further articles by Zindaba Chisiza and Abayomi Awelewa examine Theatre for Development and Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun respectively. The final set of articles consider Leeds’ relationship with Africa from different approaches. Martin Banham reminds us of some of the remarkable resources of the Leeds Library; Max Farrar provides a more painful reminder, of the history of racial violence in the city; while Christian Høgsbjerg’s interview with Joe Williams links the past with the present in a number of ways.


Africa Studies Bulletin No. 77 (Winter 2015/16)

This issue includes the LUCAS 2015-16 Annual Lecture on the excesses of power given by Professor Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laureate, who studied at Leeds in the 1950s. Other articles include pieces by Emma Camp, Jethro Norman and Christian Høgsbjerg and a tribute to the late Prof Vic Allen by Alex Beresford.


Africa Studies Bulletin No. 76 (Winter 2014/15)

Our lead article this year is by Professor Ray Bush, who gave the annual LUCAS Lionel Cliffe lecture, analysing the history and causes of the rise and subsequent overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Other pieces include articles on LUCAS African Voices Week, the state of museums in Nigeria and the Ebola crisis, plus the usual news and book reviews.


Africa Studies Bulletin No. 75 (Winter 2013/14)

This year our Bulletin is dedicated to the memory of our friend, colleague, and mentor to a whole host of Leeds academics and students, Professor Lionel Cliffe. We are delighted to be able to announce that we will be setting up an essay prize for student writing on Africa as the Lionel Cliffe prize. Further details will follow later in the year.


Africa Studies Bulletin No. 74 (Winter 2012/13)

Featuring an article by renowned Kenyan playwright, novelist and cultural activist (and alumnus of the School of English of the University of Leeds), Ngugi wa Thiong’o, alongside atricles by James Currey, Toussaint Nothias and Farai Michael Magunha.


Africa Studies Bulletin No. 73 (Winter 2011/12)

A report from the visit by Chinua Achebe in November 2011 to give a poetry reading and take part in a question and answer session at the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre (and a fully occupied overflow lecture theatre with live video transmission) by Brendon Nicholls, and articles by Natasha Lloyd-Owen, Joseph Nfi.


Africa Studies Bulletin No. 72 (Winter 2010/11)

Articles by Professor Paul Richards of Wageningen University in the Netherlands, Dr Chukwuma Okoye, Lionel Cliffe and finally on the 25th anniversary of Band Aid, Jane Plastow, Lionel Cliffe and Philip White look back on their own involvement with the famine in Ethiopia.


Africa Studies Bulletin No. 71 (Winter 2009/10)

Articles from a former Leeds research fellow, Solomon Tsehaye, on Eritrean oral culture; from Elinettie Chabwera on madness in the writing of Bessie Head, and from Hannah Cross on migration from West Africa.


Africa Studies Bulletin No. 70 (December 2008)

This issue is dedicated to our friend and colleague, Dr John Holmes, who served as a Board member for LUCAS from 2000 to 2008. In John’s honour we are delighted that one of his colleagues, Charles Ochieng’ Ong’ondo, has written us an article on language teacher education in Kenya. Our other main article is by Ray Bush, who gave his inaugural professorial lecture as the LUCAS Annual Lecture in 2007.


Africa Studies Bulletin No. 69 (December 2007)

This edition features three articles by scholars based at Leeds University. At the heart of the Bulletin is a long personal reflection by Morris Szeftel on the enduring horrors experienced by so many Africans, subjected to regimes both colonial and postcolonial that treat people as 'supernumeraries‘. Jane Plastow also writes on 'The LUCAS Schools‘ Global Citizenship Project', while Martin Banham looks back to his experiences of Nigeria on the eve of independence in 'Ibadan 1960‘.


African Studies Bulletin No. 68 (July 2006)

This issue features articles dealing with the issues of publishing in Africa and African language study, including James Currey, doyen of African publishing, sharing his experience of publishing the work of Ngugi wa Thiong'o over half a lifetime and Bankole Olayebi describing his struggles to survive as a publisher in Nigeria.


African Studies Bulletin No. 67 (March 2005)

This issue of the Bulletin focuses on African theatre, with articles by Prosper Kompaore, Patrick Mangeni, Emelda Ngufor Samba, Judy El-Bushra, David Kerr and Sam Durrant


African Studies Bulletin No. 66 (March 2004)

This issue ranges widely with pieces analysing the role of myth making in the horrors of mass murder, privatisation in the Sudan, and race as reflected in literature.


African Studies Bulletin No. 65 (March 2003)

This issue includes articles on political theatre in Kenya, food production in the Sudan and the importance of the historical perspective in African literature.


African Studies Bulletin No. 64 (December 2001)

This issue includes Professor Lionel Cliffe's Annual LUCAS lecture in April 2001 entitled Struggles for Land in Africa, and an appreciation of Professor Cliffe’s work within Leeds in and on Africa over some 40 years


African Studies Bulletin No. 63 (2000)

This issue includes two articles coming out of the Millennium conference 'Africa: Capturing the Future' organised by LUCAS and The Review of African Political Economy in Leeds.


African Studies Bulletin No. 62 (December 1997)

This issue features the third annual African Studies Lecture given by Michael Barratt Brown in 1997


African Studies Bulletin No. 61 (1996)

This issue includes the second African Studies lecture, given by Femi Osofisan on West African writers since the 1970s.


African Studies Bulletin No. 60 (December 1995)

This issue features the first annual African Studies Lecture given by Jack Mapanje


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