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African Knowledges for COP26: Decolonising climate change narratives on Africa

Thursday 4 November 2021, 16:00-17:30
Microsoft Teams

This webinar builds on the recent LUCAS Sadler Series on ‘African Knowledges for Global Challenges’.  This series of events sought to place African scholars and knowledges are the forefronts of articulating and responding to global challenges.  On the eve of COP26, we turn our attention to African perspectives on climate change, and how global responses to climate change may represent a new colonial frontier.  Africa as a continent is the least responsible for carbon emissions and yet is predicted to be severely impacted by climate change.  We deliberately start by problematizing a narrow focus on carbon emissions.  We also broaden our gaze to more critical (and long-standing) questions of agricultural and economic transformation on the continent, as well as to indigenous and local knowledge of climate change adaptation.  Please register your interest in attending here.


  1. Dr Simon Manda (Lecturer in International Development in the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds)

Africa, Development and Global Responses to Climate Change: Towards African Perspectives on Climate Change

  1. Dr Michael Chasukwa (Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Development and Administrative Studies, University of Malawi)

Power and policy making:  Exploring silos, agendas and narratives in climate policy in Malawi

  1. Dr Sandra Bhatasara (Lecturer in the Department of Governance and Public Management, University of Zimbabwe, a Research Associate of Rhodes University and a LUCAS Fellow at the University of Leeds)

Beyond global climate change narratives on Africa: Towards African knowledges and practices for climate change adaptation