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Citizenship and Belonging Reading Group: with Joanna Sadgrove, 'Morality Plays and Money Matters:... the politics of homosexuality in Uganda'

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Location: Room 1.44 of the Geography main building

Joanna Sadgrove is a Research Fellow in the School of Geography, University of Leeds.

Jen Brown and the Citizenship and Belonging Reading Group would like to invite everyone to a reading group gathering where we will be discussing an exciting new paper with the author herself. The meeting will be at 12pm on Wednesday 18th January in Room 1.44 of the Geography main building.

We will be discussing Jo Sadgrove's forthcoming article –in the presence of the author herself. The article explores homosexuality in Uganda, encompassing themes of societal morality, national sovereignty, the family, and reciprocity and material exchange.

Sadgrove, J., Vanderbeck, R., Andersson, J., Ward, K. and Valentine, G. (2012) Morality plays and money matters: towards a situated understanding of the politics of homosexuality in Uganda, Journal of Modern African Studies, 50: 1.

Please contact if you would like a copy of the paper to prepare for the meeting.