Getting published in African Studies workshop

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  • Location: University of Central Lancashire, Preston
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This workshop is part of a series sponsored by the African Studies Association in the UK (ASAUK) and funded by the British Academy. It  brings together journal editors and early career African scholars and postgraduate students involved in or interested in African studies (various fields/disciplines) to work with journal editors with the aim of supporting authors to produce papers that will be ready, or near-ready, for publication. African scholars in the humanities and social sciences often express their frustration at the difficulties they experience in getting their work into publication in internationally recognized journals. Meanwhile, editors of Africanist journals in the UK (and beyond) have struggled to increase the representation of African authors in their publications. Though some journals are assiduous in providing detailed feedback on rejected submissions, this is not universally the case, and a vicious circle develops of high rates of rejection leading to fewer submissions. The workshops are designed to break this circle, to encourage collaborative approaches to getting published as well as making researchers aware of the processes involved in getting an author’s work published particularly in African studies. To register for the workshop, please email the convener Dr. George Ogola ( with an abstract of no more than 500 words of a piece of research in progress. We will cover your accommodation, food and fare.