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LUCAS Annual Lecture 2013: Prof. Ray Bush: 'Uprisings and Coups: Another Egyptian Winter?'

Annual Lecture
Wednesday 20 November 2013

annual-lecture-2013Location: Conference Auditorium 2

Ray Bush is Professor of African African Studies and Development Politics at the University of Leeds. He has had a foundational and  inspirational role in the Centre for  African Studies. As an expert on much of Africa, and especially of Egypt and North Africa, we are delighted he will take the podium for this year's LUCAS Annual Lecture.

Ray teaches postgraduate modules on Africa in the Contemporary World and Political Economy of Resources and Development and has extensive experience of research supervision on most aspects of political economy, social and political transformation and rural development in Africa and elsewhere in the Global South.

Key Publications


  • Bush, R.C. and Ayeb, Habib (2012) Marginality and Exclusion in Egypt. Zed Books.
  • Bush, R.C. (2007) Poverty and neoliberalism : persistence and reproduction in the global south. Pluto Press.
  • Bush, R.C. ed. (2002) Counter-revolution in Egypt's countryside: land and farmers in the era of economic reform. Zed Books.
  • Bush, R.C. (1999) Economic Crisis and the Politics of Reform in Egypt. Westview Press.

Journal Articles

  • Bush, R. Soon there will be no-one left to take the corpses to the morgue: Accumulation and Abjection in Ghana's mining Communities, Resources Policy.
  • Editor of the Special Issue of Review of African Political Economy vol 45, no 117 2008 'Scrambling to the bottom? Mining, Resources and Underdevelopment'.
  • Editor of Review of African Political Economy vol 34, no. 114 2007, 'Class, Resistance and Social Transformation'.
  • Bush, R.C. (2007) Politics, power and poverty: twenty years of agricultural reform and market liberalisation in Egypt. Third World Quarterly, 28(8), pp.1599-1615.

Media Contact Areas

  • Political development, economic reform, rural development, resources in Africa and the Near East.