Workshop: Neoliberalism, fraud and moral economy

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Organised by Dr Jörg Wiegratz, Lecturer in Political Economy of Global Development and LUCAS Board Member

This workshop is sponsored by LUCAS. We regret that this is a closed workshop for an on-going project but there will be further information on future events / publications later.

  • Jörg Wiegratz (Leeds) and David Whyte (Liverpool): Neoliberalism, fraud and moral economy
  • Matthew Watson (Warwick): The Expulsion of the Moral Economy Tradition from Economics Proper: ‘Economy’ as a Set of Practices versus ‘Economy’ as a Logic of Order
  • Andrew Sayer (Lancaster): Moral Economy, Unearned Income, Neoliberalism and Legalized Corruption
  • Chris Swader (Moscow): The Functionality of Moral Flexibility for Capitalism
  • John Christensen (Tax Justice Network): They Do Do Evil: Tax Professionals, Tax Havens and the Attack on Civilised Society
  • Grietje Baars (London/City): Capital, corporate citizenship and legitimacy: The ideological force of ‘corporate crime’ in international law
  • Steve Tombs (Milton Keynes/OU): Framing the Crisis: moral critique and the renewal of ‘business as usual’
  • Matías Dewey (Cologne): Producing Moral Ambiguity: State and Sweatshops after Neoliberalism in Argentina
  • Gerhard Anders (Edinburgh): Corruption Scandals and ‘Bad Politics’ in Neoliberal Malawi
  • Jose Maria Munoz (Edinburgh): Neoliberal Reforms and Fraud in Cameroon’s Financial Services Sector
  • Erik Bähre (Leiden): From Corruption to moralities of redistribution: Insurances for the poor in South Africa
  • Paul Jones/Michael Mair (Liverpool): Anti-Political Economy as a Particular Kind of Moral Economy: Supermarkets, Government and the Corruption of Politics
  • David Whyte (Liverpool): The moral economy of institutional corruption in Britain
  • Chloé Buire (Durham) Making plans in the unplanned city: the urban mechanisms to political domination (in absentia)