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Yorkshire African Studies Network (YASN) workshop

Friday 30 March 2012

Location: Location details made available with confirmation of booking

Sponsored by LUCAS and Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE)

2012 is the African National Congress’ centenary year and this workshop will examine a range of issues relating to South African politics, history and society at this symbolic moment in the country’s history. The themes addressed by the panels include:

  • Reflections on the ANC at 100: the politics of nation building
  • Liberation movements in comparative perspective
  • The South African labour movement
  • South African finance and foreign policy
  • South African film, cartoons and media freedom

We welcome participants from across Yorkshire and beyond. Although we already have a fairly comprehensive workshop program, we also welcome paper proposals on any of the themes listed above. Paper proposals should be submitted to Alex Beresford

The workshop will take place on 30th March at the University of Leeds. The workshop is free to attend and there will be a free lunch. However, if you wish to attend the workshop you must register in advance by emailing Karen Cereso Reasonable travel costs for graduate students based at universities in Yorkshire.

Provisional Programme

Panel 1: Contemporary South African politics and society

9:30am – 11am

Allison Drew (University of York): ‘The political symbolism of the ANC’s centenary’

Sarah Bracking (University of Manchester): ‘South Africa’s finances: Offshore private equity, carbon emission credits and “entreprocurement”’

Marc Fletcher (University of Edinburgh): ‘Sport and nation-building in South Africa: The case of the 2010 World Cup’

Panel 2: The post liberation state and the ANC’s relationship with Africa

11:15 – 12:45

Mathew Graham (University of Sheffield) 'South African foreign policy under the ANC: an historical interpretation'

Lionel Cliffe (Emeritus Professor, University of Leeds): ‘The Failure of and Continuing Need for Land Reform in SA’

Sara Rich Dorman (University of Edinburgh): 'Political Economy of the Post-liberation State'

Panel 3: South African labour: past, present and future

1:30pm – 3:00pm

Martin Plaut (BBC World Service Africa editor) ‘Reflections on the South African labour movement at the ANC’s centenary’

Alexander Beresford (University of Leeds): ‘Labour and class politics in post-apartheid South Africa’

Pauline Dibben and Geoff Wood (University of Sheffield): ‘Is Social Movement Unionism still relevant in South Africa?'

Panel 4: South African arts and the media

3:15pm – 4:45pm

Dan Hammett (University of Sheffield): 'Tolerating dissent? The ANC, media freedom and the cartoonist's ire'

Chris Paterson (University of Leeds) ‘Placing contemporary press freedom debates in South Africa in context’

Lizelle Bisschoff (University of Edinburgh): ‘From Tsotsi to District 9: Forging a national cinema in post-apartheid South Africa’

After the close of the workshop we will head to a local pub and then dinner to continue the discussion. All attendees are welcome to join although this part of the day is not funded by YASN.