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Black History Month events at Leeds University


LUU Black History Month has been really impressive so far, with an amazing launch night of poetry, music and spoken word, and Akala on the richness of African civilisation also a particular highlight. Other upcoming events of potential interest to LUCAS members include:

Heritage Corner Walk with Joe Williams
Saturday 10th October
Meet at Parkinson Steps
11am - 1pm
The Heritage Corner Walk has been the impetus behind a growing number of creative projects in Yorkshire. Over 20 years of research is conveyed in a magnificent corner of Leeds that colourfully reveals ancient African heritage, the contributions of transatlantic trade and celebrates the African presence in Leeds today. The walk all takes place on the scenic Leeds University central campus, so not long in distance. Wear suitable clothing, carrying water is never a bad idea and prepare to be amazed.
One highlight is the grave of circus owner PABLO FANQUE, as mentioned on the Beetles' 'Sgt. Pepper...' album. Meet local hero WILSON ARMISTEAD who invited FREDERICK DOUGLASS, SARAH REMOND and other African Americans to Victorian Leeds. Hear the story of PRINCE ALAMAYU, from Ethiopia, whose body was transported from Leeds to Windsor Castle by train on the orders of Queen Victoria - in 1879.
The walk was founded in 2009 by your host Joe Williams, a local born actor and writer of many decades. The aim remains to provide a resource toward a better historical understanding of African and Caribbean histories, particularly relating to Yorkshire.
For more information visit:

‘The Black Jacobins: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution’
– presented by Christian Høgsbjerg (Leeds University Centre for African Studies)
Thursday 15th October
Baines Wing SR 2.06
1pm - 2pm
This talk will explore the Haitian Revolution of 1791-1804, an epic and inspiring liberation struggle which overthrew slavery, colonialism and white supremacy and led to the birth of the world’s first independent black republic outside Africa, through a discussion of C.L.R. James’s classic historical account, The Black Jacobins (1938).

‘The Fifth Pan-African Congress, Manchester - October 1945’
Friday 16th October
Baines Wing SR 1.13
1pm - 2pm
The Second World War led to an almost universal feeling among Africans and people of African descent that colonial liberation was the order of the day, and this struggle would be achieved by force if necessary. Seventy years ago black radicals from across the world gathered in Manchester at the Fifth Pan-African Congress to co-ordinate their resistance to racism and imperialism. The writer and performer Tayo Aluko (‘Call Mr Robeson’) and Marvina Newton (Angel of Youths) will join Christian Høgsbjerg (Leeds University Centre for African Studies) to discuss this historic event and its legacy for liberation struggles today.

Tayo Aluko's superb show Call Mr Robeson is on at Seven Arts in Chapeltown the eventing of Friday 16 October

My Leeds My Culture
Saturday 17th October
Leeds City Museum
11am - 3pm
Visit Leeds City Museum to attend the closure of ‘My Leeds My Culture’ a collaboration between the charity Angel of Youths and Leeds Museum.
‘My Leeds My Culture’ is an exciting exhibition, showing the impact of African influences on Music, Sports, History, Faith, Art and Fashion. From Leeds carnival held every year, to the history of the Black Prince in Leeds, and his mother Queen Philippa.
The African diaspora have had an impact on Yorkshire throughout history.We aimed to show this link with Leeds at every single point in our exhibition.
As you move through the wonderful tour of ‘My Leeds, My Culture’ exhibition, you will see items that are quite exceptional and are very much part of our history, both as Leodisians and of African history.
From steelpan at carnival in the History and Heritage cabinet, hip hop clothing such as pumas and sweats in the Music displaying our impact on music, to expensive Kente cloth in the Fashion cabinet showing our influences on culture, to books written by novelists and the talking drum. We invite you to have a look around starting at the history and heritage cabinet, which shows our rich history when we were royals.
Find out more here:

Darcus Howe: A Political Biography - booklaunch with Robin Bunce
Wednesday 21st October, 16.00-17.30
12.21 Social Sciences Building
CERS Black History Month Lecture

Why is my Curriculum White? - Leeds Launch

Monday 26th October
Conference Auditorium 1
5.30 - 7.30pm
Following on from the successful UCL Campaign, we welcome the LUU launch of ‘Why is my curriculum White’

‘Why is my curriculum White?’, will examine and unravel the ideologies behind syllabuses that are often seen as reflective only of Western perspectives.
Tickets are free however you are required to sign up here:

There are also a host of other fascinating and important events as part of LUU Black History Month, on the Prevent Strategy and so on so check out the full listings here: