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Dr Evelyn Urama

LUCAS/LAHRI Research Fellow 2021
Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures
School of English

Project Title: Injustice Begets Insecurity: African Writers’ Exposition of Oppression, Brutality and Violent Killings.


There can be no peace where justice is trampled upon. For any nation to achieve any meaningful development, there must be mutual understanding and unity among the citizens. In many African nations, insecurity increases because there is little or no concern for justice. This paper examines African literary representations of insecurity triggered by corruption, terrorism, militancy, kidnapping, violent killings and the wanton destruction of property. It argues that literature utilizes cultural resources from the historical past - pre-colonial and colonial Africa societies - to address problems in the present and the future. Through literary analysis and Psychoanalytical theory, the paper examine the role of African writers in reeducating Africans to appreciate African traditional values; advocates for resurrecting indigenous knowledge used to fight injustice in the past for combating and overcoming security challenges today; promotes African knowledge as an instrument for Sustainable Development Goals.

Keywords: Injustice, insecurity, traditional values, indigenous knowledge and sustainable development.

Working with: Dr Brendon Nicholls