There are a wide range of postgraduates studying and researching African Studies at the University of Leeds. This page will try to profile some of them and their research, and so is something of a work in progress. If you are a postgraduate student researching Africa or the African diaspora at Leeds and would like to be added to the list of researchers below please contact us at

Joshua of History
Ruth Bookbinder
Ruth of Politics and International Studies
Sreya Mallika Datta
Sreya Mallika of English
Joshua Doble
Joshua of History
Charlie Ely
Charlie of English
Ganzi M. Isharaza
Ganzi M. of Media and Communication
Jethro Norman
Jethro of History
Dr Emma of English
Lloyd of History
Ramya Sheni
Ramya of Politics and International Studies
Caitlin E. Stobie
Caitlin E. of English
Michael Umameh
Michael of Education