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African Studies Association


[Published in Leeds African Studies Bulletin, 1 (October 1964), p. 4]


The first Conference of the African Studies Association of the United Kingdom was held at the University of Birmingham from 14th to l7th September 1964. About 100 people were present at the Conference, coming from many universities in the United Kingdom and from Africa. In addition there were visitors from institutes in other countries concerned with African studies.
The papers presented to the Conference dealt with "The Role of Social Anthropology in African Studies", by Professor Daryll Forde; "The Present State of African Economic Studies", by Mr W.T.Newlyn; "Language Classification and African Studies", by Professor Malcolm Guthrie; "The Natural Sciences in Africa", by Dr R.W.J.Keay; "Population Increases and Food Production in Tropical Africa", by Professor R.W.Steel; "The Relationship between Egyptology and African Studies", by Professor H.W.Fairman; and "Archaeology in Africa" by Professor J.Desmond Clark. Discussion followed the presentation of these papers, and the Conference ended with the Annual General Meeting of the African Studies Association.
It is understood that the proceedings are to be published.

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