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Location: Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre We are delighted that Chinua Achebe, seminal writer and author of ‘Things Fall Apart’, will be giving a poetry reading, and then holding a public question and answer session in relation to his work, with Prof Jane Plastow. Dr Brendon Nicholls, of the School of English and Postcolonial Literature and…
Location: Social Sciences Building. Room 11.13. Dr Chukwuma Okoye, has joined the University of Leeds Workshop Theatre as our Newton International Fellow for two years (as of October 2009) from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. He is undertaking research into The Postcoloniality of African Theatre and Performance.
Location: Social Sciences Building 11.14 Londiwe Nkiwane is from the National University of Science and Technology, Bulawayo Zimbabwe. Dr Nkiwane works in the area of gender and textile technology. Any enquiries about this event should be directed to the Centre for Global Development. Please contact Esther Richards on to find out more.
Location: University of Leeds, Social Sciences Building Room 11.13 Dr Claire Mercer is Lecturer in Human Geography at The London School of Economics and Political Science. Her research is currently focused on ‘development’ in Sub-Saharan Africa (especially Tanzania and Cameroon).
Location: Social Sciences Building, Room 11.13 Richard Borowski is the LUCAS Schools Project Coordinator. Richard has been arranging workshops in primary and secondary schools in Leeds aimed at educating children on Africa, with a particular emphasis on challenging stereotypes about Africa. The workshops are given by African post-graduates from the University of Leeds. Jane Plastow is…
Location: Room 11.13 Social Sciences Building Ray Bush is Professor of African African Studies and Development Politics at the University of Leeds.
Location: Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre Annual Lecture: ‘Afromodernism: An Assessment’ by Paul Richards Paul Richards is Professor of Anthropology and head of the Technology and Agrarian Development Group chair group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. In anticipation of his lecture Professor Richards states: ‘Scholars claim that Africa is evolving its own forms of modernity,…
Location: Social Sciences Building 11.13  ‘Good governance and respect for sovereignty’ Sir Edward Clay (former High Commissioner to Kenya) will give a LUCAS Seminar.
Location: Room 11.13, Social Sciences Building Dr Anna Mdee (John and Elnora Ferguson Centre for African Studies, University of Bradford), will give the seminar ‘Student volunteering in Africa: neo-colonialism, cultural (mis)understanding and patronage networks’  
Location: Room 11.13, Social Sciences Building Joerg Wiegratz (PhD Student, Department of Politics, University of Sheffield) will give the seminar titled: ‘Marching towards market societies in Africa? The case of Uganda’