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Virtual Fellowship Scheme

The Leeds University Centre for African Studies and the Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute jointly host a Virtual Fellowship scheme for Africa-based academics. Under this scheme, running since 2021, researchers affiliated with institutions on the African continent collaborate with one or more Leeds-based academics to carry out a well-defined research project. Each year, a cohort of fellows is selected via an open call for proposals, to stimulate new collaborative relationships.

The LUCAS/LAHRI fellowship scheme contributes to the University of Leeds' vision to be a truly international university with a global reach and impact, and to build strong networks and partnerships with other academics and institutions, including those in the Global South to tackle global challenges.

Please find a list of our current and previous LUCAS/LAHRI fellows below.

2023 - “African Ecologies”

Dr Ebenezer Blasu (Akrofi-Christaller Institute, Ghana): "Human Need and Religious Ecology in Africa: A participatory study for a holistic approach to restoring biodiversity in Sokpoe ecological area."

Dr Babere Kerata Chacha (Laikipia University, Kenya): "Killing Trees to Cure Tobacco: Land Use and Environmental Change in Kuria District Kenya, 1945-2002".

Dr Munamato Chemhuru (Great Zimbabwe University, Zimbabwe): "Conceptualising Environmental Justice through Epistemic Justice in Africa".

Dr Ignatius Gutsa (University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe): "Older Women’s Local Ecological Knowledge, Indigenous Seed Selection Techniques and Agricultural Practices for Household Food Security in the Face of Climate Change in Goromonzi district, Zimbabwe."

Dr Adaobi Muo (National Institute for Nigerian Languages, Nigeria): "A Cry for Help: Advocacy for Ecological Recuperation in Selected Nigerian Fictional Texts and Non-Fictional Locations."

Dr Benson Mulemi (University of Pretoria, South Africa): "Human Ecology of Trust, Hope and Maternal Healthcare Delays in Kisumu County, Western Kenya”.

Dr Wilbert Zvakanyorwa Sadomba (University of Zimbabwe): "Colonially Induced Dialetical Materialism in Zambezi River Fisheries".

2022 - “African Knowledges for Global Challenges”

Prof. Austin Asagba (University of Benin, Nigeria): "Problematising the Practice of Theatre for Development (TFD): Building Effective Communication Strategies for Sustainable Development in the the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria".

Dr Isaac Dery (Simon Diedong Dombo University, Ghana): "Theorising dɔɔ-menga as an Alternative Understanding of a Patriarchal African masculinity."

Dr Diana-Abasi Ibanga (University of Calabar, Nigeria): "Decolonizing Environmental Policies in Nigeria through African Proverbs".

Dr Robert Kuloba (Kyambogo University, Uganda): "Afro-biblical reading of Genesis 2-3 in response to climate change."

Dr Clarton Fambisai Mangadza (University of Fort Hare, South Africa): "Rethinking existing underlying United Nations (UN) modes of discourse in gender equality: An African philosophical perspective."

Dr Chimaobi Onwukwe (Abia State University, Nigeria): "Unveiling the shrouds of secrecy: Exploring the peacebuilding roles of rituals, divinations, and enchantments in the indigen-settler conflict in South-Eastern, Nigeria."

Professor Olukoya Ogen (Osun State University, Nigeria): "The globalisation of African religion and the post-colonial resurgence of Yoruba traditional religious practices."

Dr Anitha Tingira (University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania): “Acceptance and Hesitancy to Vaccinate: Examination of COVID-19 Vaccination Experiences in Tanzania”.

Dr Abraham Waigi (Akrofi-Christaller Institute, Ghana): "Wole Soyinka and the Challenge of Religious Plurality".

2021 - “African Knowledges for Global Challenges”

Dr Sandra Bhatasara (University of Zimbabwe): "Local ecological knowledge in responding to climate change: Localizing SGD 13 in the Zimbabwean context."

Dr Michael Chasukwa (University of Malawi): "African Knowledges of Climate Change Adaptation – A critical examination of power play between international and local actors in Climate Change Policy Making and Implementation."

Dr Stephen Kapinde (Pwani University, Kenya): "Queer Mission in an Anti-Queer Nation’: Emerging African Queer Religious Knowledge from the Bride of the Lamb Ministries International Church in Kenya."

Dr Matthew Michael (Nasarawa State University, Nigeria): "When Religion is all They Have Left: Religious Ideologies, New Spiritualities and Survival in a Refugee Camp During COVID-19 in Northern Nigeria."

Dr Simon Mutebi (University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania): "Indigenous Healing and Medicinal Practices in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak in Tanzania."

Dr Gibson Ncube (University of Zimbabwe): "Queer, Muslim and African: Abdellah Taïa’s literary work as an ethnography of the conflict between religion and non-normative sexuality in Africa."

Dr Megan Robertson (University of the Western Cape, South Africa): "Performing Sex and the Sacred: An exploration of religion in the lived experiences and stage performances of queer artists of colour in South Africa."

Dr Scott Timcke (University of Johannesburg, South Africa): "How can African Knowledges Aid in the Analysis of Contemporary FinTech in Africa?"

Dr Evelyn Urama (Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Nigeria): "Injustice Begets Insecurity: African Writers’ Exposition of Oppression, Brutality and Violent Killings."