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Leeds African Studies Bulletin No. 79 (2017/18)

Our Bulletin this year reflects our commitment to publishing authors based on the continent, to highlighting the achievements of Leeds’ graduate students, and to reflecting our city’s complex and evolving relationship with Africa. Emmanuel Adeniyi’s article employs linguistic analysis of Yoruba poetry to draw out new meaning from writings about identity crisis, the transatlantic slave trade and diaspora. Lauren Devine, winner of the Lionel Cliffe prize, critiques occidental consumerist paternalism in her article’s analysis of sensationalist accounts of African child-soldiers. Marika Sherwood, in her article on the All Colonial Peoples Conferences of 1945 reminds us of the vital role played by advocates of pan-African unity in challenging assumptions of imperial reconstruction after the Second World War. Max Farrar, Emily Zobel Marshall and Guy Farrar draw together the local and global heritage which has shaped the Leeds Carnival, and emphasise its enduring radical, socially-engaged character.

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